Great And Ultra Balls – The Treaures In Pokemion Go

When you identify and are very close to a Pokémon, the only way of capturing and enslaving them is by throwing the poke balls at them. These balls are also available in limited numbers to all players and once the repository drains fully, you will have to wait for it get filled up and only then will you be allowed to use them for the next hit. Sometimes you will also be assisted with ultra and great balls. One major blunder every player commits is using these powerful balls in the initial stages of the play. This is to be strictly avoided because these are powerful balls that should be used to capture some rare and powerful Pokémons So once you obtain one, put it in your inventory for future use.

Pokémon Go game is all about capturing the small Pokémons. It is played in the form of an app game wherein the player is required to go behind the different types of Pokémons and pocket them. These captured monsters are then added to the already existing Pokémon army according to their types. They are then trained and used for capturing the other Pokémons. As the team become bigger and powerful, it becomes easy for the player to proceed through the higher levels. Look for Pokestops first which will direct you to Pokémons. These monsters generally camouflage their appearances and hide in spots undiscovered by people. Using the map feature in the devices, will help to easily identify and pocket them.

Catching Pokémons is not easy as it might sound. There are many factors that make it difficult to catch them like the type and size of pokeball you use, their CP level and the throwing technique. Usage of poke balls plays a vital role in the game because the right type of ball for the right type of Pokémon determines your victory over them. The normal balls cannot be used to catch the powerful monsters that appear in the advanced levels. Initially the game starts with easy Pokémons and they can be easily captured with the usual balls. But as the game progresses, these tiny creatures become more powerful and tricky. They might sometimes even run away from your focus spoiling all your efforts.